Unmute Presents State of the Union – EP2

Show Notes:

  1. Introduction: Discussion on recent happenings with our shows, iACast and Unmute.
  2. New Shows: Announcement of new shows including a travel show, VO Starter Weekly, and a reboot of iCast, focused on Apple and iOS.
  3. Friday Finds: Recognition of Lynn’s contributions to Friday Finds.
  4. New Websites & Emails: Introduction of new contact channels and support options for listeners.
  5. Technically Working: Recap of a recent episode and tease of a surprise announcement.
  6. Video-Based Show: Announcement of a new video-based social media show for the IACast YouTube channel.
  7. IACAST Radio: Introduction of 24/7 radio station, available at iacast.net or via the iAccessibility iOS app. Android app coming soon.
  8. IA Cast Live Stream: Now accessible on the Blindshell Classic.
  9. Subscription Details: Information for existing subscribers about accessing different shows. Introduction of the iCast Network feed.
  10. Discovery: Encouragement to discover other shows on the network and comparison to Nosilla Cast.
  11. iAccessibility App: Promoting the recently updated app for iOS, iPad, and Mac users with an Android update on the horizon.
  12. Upcoming Content: Teaser for future content on the network.
  13. Listener Engagement: Promotion of Mastodon and email for listener feedback and questions, including individual show hashtags.
  14. Conclusion: Gratitude for listeners and promise of continued updates and announcements.

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