Update: Accessibility on the Apple Watch

While the built in apps on the Apple Watch are as accessible with VoiceOver as other iOS apps are, many third party apps are not accessible at this point. It is worth noting though that the watch is a week old on people’s hands, so I would be patient with developers I will start a list of apps here that are currently inaccessible, and I will post when they become accessible.


  • Trivia Crack
  • Calcbot
  • Instagram
  • Transit App
  • Shazam
  • Dictionary.com (Word of the day section only)
  • QVC. Usable, but flicking does not work between screen elements.

Accessible Apps

  • Twitter
  • Workflow
  • Dark Sky
  • Apple Store
  • Keynote
  • Double Post
  • SquareSpae Metrics
  • Apple Store

Again, Feel free to comment and add to this list. As I try new apps I will keep updating the list. Developers, keep checking this list to see if your apps are accessible or not.

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