Using Xbox Controller with VoiceOver in Mona for Mastodon: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Hello tech enthusiasts! In our continuous journey to push the boundaries of accessibility, today we’ll delve into the unique fusion of gaming and accessibility. We’re going to explore how to use an Xbox controller with VoiceOver on the Mona app for Mastodon, right on your iPad or Mac.

The concept is excitingly novel – a gaming controller for VoiceOver! The idea sprouted during an IACast episode, and now we’re here to demonstrate this compelling cross-over between gaming and accessibility.

Pairing the Xbox Controller

To kickstart our experiment, we headed straight to the game controller section of the Mona app settings. It was clear we didn’t have a game controller paired yet. No worries though, we got an Xbox remote ready for the task. We turned it on and held down the pairing button until its light started flashing.

Configuring macOS Settings

Next on the list was to configure the Mac system settings. A quick trip to the menu bar and through the Bluetooth section under system settings was all we needed. Once the Bluetooth was switched on, we could see the “Xbox Wireless Controller” listed under “My Devices”. We were then ready to go once we selected the Connect button.

VoiceOver Interactions with Xbox Controller

With our Xbox controller paired successfully, we returned to the Mona app, finding a significant change in the settings. The Xbox wireless controller was now fully integrated, with each button – X, media, Y, and view links – ready to be mapped.

The following test exceeded our expectations. Every press on the controller’s keys seamlessly moved our focus with VoiceOver. For rapid scrolling, all we had to do was hold down the control stick – much like pressing and holding the down arrow key on a keyboard.

The compatibility of the Xbox controller with the Mona app extended full control over the app, maintaining full VoiceOver accessibility. with a few exceptions, which included how changing tabs was read. This means that you could switch tabs with the left and right bumpters, but VoiceOver would not read the titles of those tabs.

Verdict: Gaming Controller Accessibility is a Game-Changer!

This intersection of gaming and accessibility tools breaks open new avenues for users. By pairing an Xbox controller with your iPhone, iPad or Mac, the user experience becomes highly interactive, especially for those who prefer a game controller over a keyboard.

The experiment was undeniably fascinating and has set the stage for more unique IA demos. Despite a minor hiccup in pairing the Xbox controller initially, the journey was smooth sailing, leaving us enthusiastic for the potential future holds.

So, if you’re a gamer or if the traditional keyboard doesn’t quite suit your fancy, this might be just the solution for you. Try it out on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac and experience this innovative accessibility feature firsthand!

Your feedback and comments fuel our innovation, so don’t hesitate to reach us at, or follow us on Twitter at @iacastnetwork for new episodes and updates. We look forward to continuing this exciting journey together, and until next time, happy tech exploration!

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