Beyond The Gallery

In 2007, Apple changed the world with the iPhone, and Google enhanced the same experience with Android. Android has always had more customization options as far as automation and productivity over Apple’s iOS, but this has finally changed in iOS 12.

Several years ago, an app was created called Workflow for iOS that allowed users to chain actions together to make their phones and iPads do more than what they were intended to do. Apple has acquired the Workflow app, and has renamed it to Shortcuts in iOS 12. With the Shortcuts app, you can create basic to advanced Shortcuts to complete advanced tasks on your phone or iPad.

You will find many Shortcuts in the Gallery section of the Shortcuts app, but we felt that it would be amazing to have a category here at iAccessibility for users to use to find the best Shortcuts that can be found in the gallery and beyond. We will soon post our favorite Shortcuts here with links to download those shortcuts, and we will even give instructions on how to build your own Shortcuts. We would also love to know what shortcuts you have made, so please share your shortcuts with us by emailing

Apple Shortcuts on the App Store

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