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#iACast 11 – What’s With the Hump?

Episode Notes

On this episode of iA Cast recorded on December 21, 2015, I discuss the following topics.

  • Changes to iAccessibility’s home page and why there have not been podcast episodes.
  • The iPhone 6s battery case and why people #lovethehump or #hatethehump.
  • Problems with Apple Music and previous libraries.
iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 10 – The Apple Waiting Game

This week on the iA Cast, we discuss the following topics.

  1. Michael’s confusion about the iPhone reservation process
  2. The New Apple TV, and how it works
  3. Release date of iOS 9 and Mac OS X El Capitan
  4. Discussion of BlindSquare and AroundMe apps
  5. Discussion of state of Android accessibility
  6. Apple TV will support MFI game controllers Apple TV to support MFi-based game controllers … – iMore
  7. Destiny The Taken King comes out on September 15
  8. World of Warcraft has new accessibility features for color blind and low vision users
  9. Prime Time shows to return to network television this month you will be able to ask Siri to play that episode on the new Apple TV
  10. Check out Blind Bargains
  11. Check out AppleVis

Upcoming Events

  1. iOS 9 release, September 16
  2. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch, September 25
  3. Photography Non-visually, September 26
iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 9 – Apple Gaming on a TV

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 8 – Recording with a watch?

This week on iA Cast we record the episode with an app on the Apple Watch called Just Press Record. Let us know what you think.
  1. Just Press Record is an app for iOS that works with Apple Watch. You can record and it saves your recordings immediately to iCloud Drive.
  2. Apple comes out with new Aluminum and glass gold and rose gold Apple Watches. Rose gold model has a rose gold color in the selection of colors for your complications.
  3. New iMacs with retina displays. 21.5 inch has 4k and 27 inch has 5k display. each one comes with new magic devices.
  4. Apple releases Magic Keyboard, Magic Mouse 2, and Magic Trackpad 2. Magic keyboard is wedge shaped like the new Magic Trackpad and has a flatter design. Magic Trackpad 2 has force Touch and the Magic Mouse 2 is slimmer with the same kind of feel. All three of these devices use Lightning cables to charge, and can get 9 hours of battery in 2 minutes of charging.
  5. We then discuss the difference between USB-C and Micro USB.
  6. We discuss the news in Gaming.
  7. We then talk about iOS content blockers and if you should use them. Check out Purify Blocker in the App Store.
  8. The BARD Mobile app from NLS has been updated with new features and the same bugs.
  9. Fall television is back with great new seasons. Many shows can be found on Hulu and other places online. Apple adds all Harry Potter books to the iBookStore and more.

We hope you have enjoyed this episode of iA Cast. Please leave us feedback on how you like the recording quality of the Apple Watch and the Just Press Record app.

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 7 – Is it a Tablet or a Notebook?

On this episode of iA Cast we discuss the following topics
  1. iAccessibility resurrecting Share Center without the notification widget
  2. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can have a slightly different processor made either by Samsung or TSMC.
  3. Bluetooth performance in iOS 9.0.2 seems far superior than previous versions or phones VoiceOver with bluetooth still needs to be fixed
  4. compass app does not display elevation to VoiceOver users
  5. Testflisht app does not let VoiceOver users see what apps they can test on its main screen
  6. To fix these issues email we will do the same as well
  7. Microsoft announces Surface Pro 4 New Surface™ Pro 4 –‎
  8. Microsoft announces Surface Book a laptop and a tablet in one device. Surface™ Book – Introducing The Ultimate Laptop‎
  9. Microsoft announces Lumia 950 and 950 XL Microsoft Lumia 950 – Smartphones – Microsoft – USA
  10. We discuss the Capital Macintosh meeting that happens on October 13. The address is 9012 Research BLVD. in Austin Texas Capital Macintosh User Group
  11. We discuss how to become a developer Apple DeveloperAndroid DevelopersRegister as an app developer – Windows app development
  12. Apple added the Curious app to its list of apps that are accessible to VoiceOver. Search the App Store for this app.
  13. We discuss the latest gaming news. Halo 5, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Geometry Wars and more

Thank you for listening to this week’s episode of iA Cast. Please leave us comments here for feedback and for future episode requests.

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 6 – Saving Power on Mars

 On episode 7 of iA Cast we discuss how to save power on your new iPhone 6s and much more.
  1. has been given an update for better looks and performance
  2. To save power on your iPhone 6s;
    1. Turn off background app refresh for apps you don’t want refreshing
    2. Disable always use location services for selected apps and system services
    3. Turn on Screen Curtain while using VoiceOver
    4. Use Airplane Mode with Wi-FI and Bluetooth on to use your device without cellular signal
    5. Use Airplane Mode to charge your device faster
  3. Discussion of the movie the Martian compared to the book
  4. Discussion of latest season of Doctor Who
  5. Cap Mac Users Group meets Tuesday October 13 instead of Tuesday October 6th as stated last week
  6. iAccessibility will be at NFB Texas convention to discuss our developer program and to sign people up to create their apps. Come and show your support for iAccessibility at the exhibit hall
  7. Brief discussion of how to get an app developed through iAccessibility

Do you like the podcast? Please leave us a comment here or on any podcast episode page and let us know how we are doing.

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 5 – 3D Touch the World

On this episode of the iA Cast we discuss the changes that have come with the new iPhone and other tech news. Here is everything we cover.

  1. We discuss the Apple iPhone upgrade program and talk about the details of how the program works
  2. Demonstration of 3D Touch and quick actions on the home screen
  3. Demonstration of, “Hey Siri”
  4. We demonstrate how to label photos with live photos.
  5. Discussion of the, “Remember This function with Siri
  6. Discussion of El Capitan and its new features
  7. Google Nexus 6P has USB-C so not just Apple products use this connector now.
  8. ZoomText now supports Windows 10, Edge support still in development
  9. We discuss accessibility in consoles with Text to Speech coming to Playstation, and Narrator and Windows 10 for the Xbox One
  10. Minecraft client for Mac OS El Capitan appears to be crashing. Use the Linux version from
  11. Halo 5 Guardians coming next month
  12. Photography Non-visually in Austin Texas October 3rd at 111 E. Cesar Chavez St. at 10 AM. Dress comfortably
  13. Capital Macintosh monthly meeting next Tuesday at Sherlock’s Baker Street Pub at 9012 Research BLVD. event starts at 7 PM
  14. Discussion of iAccessibility Developer program
iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 4 – iAccessibility Update

 Episode Notes

This week on iA Cast, we discuss the latest in Apple News and product releases. We also discuss the various products and services offered here at iAccessibility, and the events that will be coming up in the future. Here is a rundown of everything we talked about.

  1. Apple released iOS 9 last week. There appears to be bugs that effect some VoiceOver users but not all.
  2. WatchOS 2 was delayed but released yesterday. new apps showing up in the app store.
  3. Some developers were able to receive an Apple TV Developer Kit to try out Apple TV.
  4. iAccessibility will develop your Apple TV apps.
  5. iAccessibility would like to help those interested in software development to get started in programming. Work with us, and you will be paid a percentage of the app’s contract value to develop with iAccessibility.
  6. iAccessibility is looking for content creators and app reviewers. We would like to add more and more apps to the iaccessibility Report, so please contact us and we will add stories you write to our site.
  7. New movies from books coming including The Martian next week.
  8. Destiny released latest expansion for new consoles.
  9. New Apple TV can be a gaming system.
  10. iAccessibility will be at National Federation of the Blind of Texas convention in November with a table.
  11. White Cane Day in Austin is October 14. Go to White Cane Day site for more details.
  12. iAccessibility has over Photography Non-visually to October 3rd. Keep checking our site for more details.
  13. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus launch this Friday, September 25th I will have one and review it on iA Cast episode 6.
  14. Thanks to Blind Bargains and AppleVis for such great content and services to the blind.

Please comment on this page and let us know what you think about our podcast. We are always making changes and want your input. Thanks again, and we will see you next week.

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 3 – Apple Event 6s

Episode Notes

Apple held their September event yesterday, and while we did not see anything as big as the Apple Watch this year, we still got some really cool devices. Here is what we saw.

  • Apple announced new Apple Watch models and bands with all new colors.
  • Apple announced iPad Pro with 4 speakers that adjust sound quality to how you hold the device, 12.9 inch screen, Smart Keyboard, Apple Pencil, and all new hardware inside. Device goes on sale in November.
  • Apple announced new Apple TV with tvOS with new Siri remote that accepts gestures. out soon for developers.
  • Apple announced new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus with new iPhone upgrade program. Pre-orders start the 12th of September. The phone comes with 3D Touch, Fully available, “Hey Siri” support, Live Photos, 12 Megapixel camera, and iOS 9.

Links to more information has some great stories on everything covered yesterday. They are listed below.

Gaming Accessibility News

  • Destiny gets version 2.0
  • World of Warcraft adds brighter textures for finding required quest items.


  • CapMac users group in Austin meets on second Tuesday of each month. New members are encouraged. for more details, go to
  • iAccessibility will be hosting the Photography Non-visually event on September 26th We will post the event shortly here at

Don’t forget to ask Siri to give us a hint while the hints are still there. They are pretty funny, and several are demoed during the episode.

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 2 – Accessibility Update

Episode Notes

Apple News

  1. Apple is holding an event next week to announce its new Phones. It is expected that the new iPhone will be announced.
  2. WatchOS 2.0 should come out next week along with iOS 9

Apple Watch Accessibility

  1. Apple Watch apps still could be more accessible.
  2. Watch apps will be more accessible after WatchOS 2.0 is released and developers have time to work with the code.

Windows 10 Accessibility

  1. Windows 10 is ready for screen readers, but is not fully supported by any screen reader.
  2. Narrator works with Windows 10, but is not for everyone.
  3. Cortona is a great tool for Windows 10 users, and will be more useful when screen readers work better with the OS.
  4. Edge browser not accessible with screen readers at this point.

Accessibility in Gaming

  1. Games have come a long way in recent years to support accessibility
  2. Destiny has color blind mode, and constant sounds to help low vision players find items to pick up or activate.
  3. Mortal Kombat X and Injustice made more accessible with audible cues thanks to blind gamer.
  4. Mobile game accessibility becoming more popular with the Blindfold games and games like Trivia Crack and Dice World.
  5. Trivia Crack needs to fix several buttons as they are no longer labeled.

Other Resources

Check out these resources online to further your technology knowledge.

  1. BlindBargains
  3. TWiT
  4. iMore
iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 1 – Introduction

Introducing iA Cast! On our first episode, we discuss what will be on each episode of iA Cast, and set the stage for discussions to come.