Changes and New Beginnings.

Hello everyone, I apologize for not writing any new articles on the iAccessibility Report, but a lot is going on, and I think that everyone will like to hear what is coming up.

Future of this blog.

The iAccessibility Report has always been hosted here at, but in the future, users will have to go to or our readers can click the blog icon on the newly redesigned iAccessibility home page.

New iAccessibility Home Page

The new iAccessibility home page will be a place for ou users to come to learn more about our products and services offered by iAccessibility. We have a lot of things planned for this site, so we hope you enjoy the page when it is finished.


Not much will change here at the iAccessibility report, except for the location on the web, and also the frequency in which stories are posted. We promise to post more app reviews more frequently, and I’d also like to see a few new authors and some people comenting on these stories.

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