Another New Beginning

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Once before, iAccessibility was hosted on a WordPress site. We […]

Apple Watch Accessibility

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Want to learn how to use the Apple Watch with […]

The New MacBook – First Impressions.

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New MacBook in Gold

New MacBook in Gold […]

Workflow – Automation for everyone!

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Workflow is […]

iOS 8.2

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It is known that Apple gave us a lot to […]

The Apple Watch and Accessibility

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Yesterday, Apple released the long awaited details on its watch. […]

The Magic Tap isn’t so Magical

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If you use VoiceOver for iOS you probably are aware […]

How To: Fix Your iOS 8 Bugs for good!

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iOS 8 Logo

iOS 8 Logo

The Mac OS X Yosemite public beta is here!

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Mac OS X 10.10 logo from apple.com

Mac […]

The Mac OS X 10.10 Public Beta.

By |2014-07-23T16:50:54-05:00July 23rd, 2014|Uncategorized|

Image of Yosemite logo from apple.com

Image of […]

The one photography app to rule them all. Hopefully.

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At WWDC 2014, Apple announced that they would no longer […]

iAccessibility’s stance on the NFB Resolution with Apple Inc.

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At this year’s national Federation of the Blind convention in […]

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