Changes to Apple’s 2014 NDA: What this means for this site.

WWDC 2014 logo.
WWDC 2014 logo.

It has come to our attention that there are new terms for Apple’s Non disclosure agreement or NDA this year. It appears that we are able to discuss what users will find when they update to Mac OS X and iOS 8.

In the future, we will be posting articles about what new accessibility features you will be able to use in iOS 8a and with Mac OS X.

We will also discuss the new features that were announced, and if they are or are not accessible.

Unfortunately, there is still an NDA on screen shots and audio, so we may only discuss these things. We can not show users what we are using.

Despite this limitation, we may be able to be very descriptive, and give everyone resources online to experience these new features.

Why is this so important?

In the past, Apple has not let any information be talked about via its own staff or through developers. If this happens, developers may loose their ability to publish to the App Store, and Apple employees may find the need to find a new job. We now have the liberty to discuss what we find, and we can help users understand what to expect in the fall.

Why did Apple do this?

Apple made this change as this year’s updates are huge. We now have many new accessibility features, but more importantly, people will need to know how extensions and handoff works upon release of each OS.

What will be the first topic?

Our first topic will be to talk about a few major VoiceOver changes, and I really think you guys will like what Apple has added to iOS.

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