iA CodeCast 1: Hello World!

Hello World! This is the first episode of an all new show from iAccessibility where we discuss all things code. On this episode we discuss the basics of coding and how to get started.

Text Editors

Integrated Developer Environments


Programming Challenge

Each episode we post a new programming challenge that you can submit to us by joining the iACoders mailing list. Simply send an email to [email protected]. You will need to confirm your email address, which may be in your spam folder after you join.

This week’s challenge is to build a hello world application that says Hello World. The app will then ask the user their name and then Print the person’s name back out after the word Hello. You will need to use code to print items to the screen, use variables, and request user information. You may use whatever language you like to make this solution, but do not put compiled code in the list.


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