#iACast 145 – WWDC 2020 Reactions

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On this episode, Michael, Leslie, Jason and Meaghan talk everything Apple WWDC 2020. They discuss their thoughts and all the new features of the new operating systems coming out later this year.

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The Parallel episode 9: I just personally need folers

iAccessibility’s Michael Doise was on Shelly Brisbin’s podcast the Parallel this week with Shelly and Mathew Cassinelli to discuss Shortcuts and Siri Shortcuts. Head to the link below to listen and learn more about the podcast.

Parallel Podcast 9


Forecast for Mac, A Podcast Organizer

Podcasting has become one of the most popular ways of conveying information; however, podcasts can become quite large in size and length. To help with this issue, Marco Arment came up with the app Forecast for macOS to add organizational features to podcast files. Here’s how it works.

Forecast Features

Forecast lets the user add organizational makers or chapters to a podcast file. This literally takes an audio file and adds chapter makers, which make the file compatible with podcast apps.  A chapter can contain a title, description, hyperlink, and a photo that a podcast player can view. Forecast will also convert your file to mp3 once your chapters are added.

Forecast Accessibility

Forecast, while in beta, has some clear accessibility issues. We have noticed that the app’s text fields are not labeled for VoiceOver, and VoiceOver does not read column titles as you move through the table. It has also been brought to our attention that the text fields in the table are not accessible when you add a chapter. One must know that the first text field is the chapter start time, the second text box is the duration, and  the checkbox is for including the chapter in the chapter list.  The table also includes text boxes for chapter title, description, hyperlink, and image.


Forecast is a valuable asset for podcasters because it allows podcasters to add chapters to their files so viewers can pick areas of interest to listen to. While this app is accessible to VoiceOver users, it definitely has issues that make it less accessible and appealing than other apps.

To download Forecast, head to the Forecast website

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 66: Holiday Entertainment

The holidays are finally here, and Michael, Aleeha, Jason and Meaghan discuss methods they use at their homes or at their family’s homes to entertain guests and how they enjoy the holidays using technology. During the episode, we discuss what everyone uses for audio based entertainment through television based entertainment mediums. Here are a few of the things recommended.



iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 63: Podcasting Techniques

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Aleeha and Matt discuss the Dos and Don’ts of podcasting and what tools each person use. Here is what was talked about.


Editing Audio

Recording Audio

Methods for online podcasting

Sometimes you will have to podcast with multiple people who are not in the same area. These programs are useful for accomplishing this.

Streaming your Podcast Live

Here are a few tools that can be used to stream your audio podcast live to listeners while you record.

There are so many other methods for podcasting. Please let us know what you use by using the hashtag #iACast on Twitter or by emailing us at

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 62: Fall 2017 Phone Comparisons

On this episode of the iACast, Aleeha, Michael, and Matt discuss the following topics:


iA Cast iA UnboxCast

iA UnboxCast 12: iPhone X

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast, Scott Van Gorp, Michael, Jason, and Philip unbox the iPhone X and go through the setup process.

iPhone X | Apple‎

iA Cast iA CodeCast

iA CodeCast 1: Hello World!

Hello World! This is the first episode of an all new show from iAccessibility where we discuss all things code. On this episode we discuss the basics of coding and how to get started.

Text Editors

Integrated Developer Environments


Programming Challenge

Each episode we post a new programming challenge that you can submit to us by joining the iACoders mailing list. Simply send an email to You will need to confirm your email address, which may be in your spam folder after you join.

This week’s challenge is to build a hello world application that says Hello World. The app will then ask the user their name and then Print the person’s name back out after the word Hello. You will need to use code to print items to the screen, use variables, and request user information. You may use whatever language you like to make this solution, but do not put compiled code in the list.


iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 50 – Who We Are

the iA Cast has made it to episode 50! On this episode, Michael, Aleeha, Jason, and Matt talk about where we came from and where we are going.

Michael begins the podcast talking about the history of iAccessibility and how our products became what they are today.

Aleeha discusses what projects she is working on and her plans for new shows on the iA Cast podcast network. Her plans are to review the game Cyclepath by Dragon Apps.. She also discusses ideas for a guide dog and career related podcast.

Matt states that he wants to review the app MacID. for iOS and Mac.

The group talks about the interviews that we conducted at the NFB convention with the Hooke Verse Headset.

During the show, we mention again that 32-bit apps will not launch on iOS 11…

We discuss our newest products which include

Jason closes the show with a live performance of our new podcast theme.


iA Cast

#iACast Interview with OrCam at #NFB17

Michael speaks with the folks from OrCam with the Hooke Audio headset during the National Federation of the Blind convention. We then discuss the OrCam product and the different features that the glasses offer.

OrCam – See For Yourself

iA Cast

#iACast Interview Irie-AT

On this interview, Michael talks with Thomas of Irie-AT on several devices including the Dolphin Guide and the NeoBraille at the National Federation of the Blind 2017 Convention.

Irie-AT Home Page