#iACast 48 – An Interview With Hooke Audio

The National Federation of the Blind convention brings people together to network and to discuss all new technologies. Though we have had the chance to unbox and review the Hooke Audio headphones, we have had the pleasure to sit down today with Anthony and Justin of Hooke Audio to talk more about the amazing 3D audio headphones.

We will be posting this podcast twice. We recorded this on the Yeti Pro, and on the Hooke Verse headphones to compare the audio in a podcast setting. This version of the podcast was done on the Yeti Pro, and the other version will be up soon.

We would like to thank everyone at Hooke Audio for letting us try the Hooke Verse headphones, and we urge all of our listeners to look at and possibly purchase these headphones. While there are limitations to the Hooke Verse, the possibilities are endless for future updates.

Hooke Audio Website

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