iAccessibility’s stance on the NFB Resolution with Apple Inc.

At this year’s national Federation of the Blind convention in Orlando Florida, a comittee of federationists device that there should be a resolution to be voted on that states that Apple should add accessibility testing to its iOS app approval process. Here is iAccessibility’s view on this. 

How will this effect developers?

If Apple decided to regulate which apps are approved and added to the App Store based on accessibility, then many developers will actually stop developing for iOS because the guidelines are more strict then any other platform. In reality, they already are more strict than any other platform, so this will be one more thing that will love people away from iOS.

What should be done

What would be more effective is for the National Federation of the Blind to pass resolutions and file suit with developers refuse to put accessibility in their apps. This allows Apple to continue doing what it does best, and allows the community to speak up and say which apps they would like to use. Also, there are thousands of apps in the App Store, and there are usually alternatives to unaccessible apps, so if you can’t use an app, then don’t use it.

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