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This post will be updated often with new bugs found by iAccessibility authors and by our readers, so please check back often. We will also mark a bug fixed when has been fixed or resolved by Apple.

Zoom Scrolling issue

This bug occurs in iOS 10 for iPhone and iPad when Zoom is enabled. It doesn’t matter if you are zoomed in or not, but when scrolling on the home screen or in scroll views, the system will think you are trying to touch an item and will not scroll. You must stop interacting with the device and try again several times to get the desired result. This has persisted in all betas of iOS 10.

2 thoughts on “iOS Bug Tracker”

  1. Sticky stickers anyone?
    In macOS, a VoiceOver user is unable to identify stickers sent to them in iMessages.
    When a sticker is received, VoiceOver will report something like “File Transfer: 0b15a0864560d846d6b75b55208f2883-sticker.png,” rather than tell you what the sticker is.

  2. What is your reaction to this?

    In iMessage in macOS, a VoiceOver user is unable to see reactions to messages in a conversation, unless they happen to read the notification while the conversation isn’t in focus.
    If the conversation is in focus, the only indication you have that someone has reacted to your messages is the sound iMessage plays.


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