Quick Tip: Clear up space on iPhone taken up by cached Apple Music files.

Is there a lot of space being taken up on your iPhone, but you don’t know where it is going? It is probably because Apple Music is storing the songs you listen to for future listening. This can however, keep you from downloading certain files to your phone, and will give you a message like your phone is running out of storage. The good thing is that there is a quick fix for this.

How to Clear the Apple Music Cache

  1. Open the Settings app
  2. Find Music
  3. turn off iCloud Music Library
  4. You will then want to select Turn off on the next screen
  5. Press the Home Button
  6. Open the Music app
  7. Press home again
  8. Open Settings and then turn iCloud Music Library back on
  9. You will then get a screen asking if you want to replace or merge your libraries. I would select merge.

If you follow these steps, then you will notice that there is considerably more space on your iPhone.

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