Google Logo with Alerts in blue under the word Google
Ever wanted to know if something gets posted on the web about you or an interest that you follow? Google has a service called Google alerts to help with that. How does it work Google Alerts is a service that lets you sign up for email alerts for many popular […]

Quick Tip: Get Custom Alerts From Google Alerts

A picture of the Windows Logo
Windows has made huge advancements in innovation since the release of Windows 10, and this continues with the Anniversary update. A great feature that was added with this update was the ability to install the Bash Shell to use with Windows instead of the standard Windows command prompt. The Bash […]

Quick Tip: Enable Bash Shell in Windows 10

image of MacBook Pro 2016 from
The MacBook Pro’s new Touch Bar has changed the way users interact with their Macs. The Touch bar removes the traditional row of function keys for a customizable touch bar that can have different options based on which app is active. While this changes the way we use the Mac […]

Quick Tip: How To Enable VoiceOver Using The Touch Bar

Image showing iMessage Sticker Packs, and iMessage apps.
In hopes of making conversations more interactive and personal, Apple added many new features to iMessage in iOS 10. One such feature, the ability to search for images, may not be suitable for all users. Although Apple constantly filters results, there is a chance that inappropriate images may come up […]

Quick Tip: Disable iMessage Image Search in #iOS10

Image showing VO Change app icon with Share 3D Touch Item.
Have you ever wished there was a faster and easier way to share apps with your friends without going to the app store and searching for it? iOS 10 brings you the ability of sharing apps with your friends directly from the home screen. Here is how it’s done. Find […]

Quick Tip: Share Apps From the Home Screen

Image of Twitter logo for iOS.
Twitter for iOS has updated their app with a feature called Night Mode that changes the app’s color scheme to allow for higher contrast text. This feature allows for users to read tweets easier by showing text on a dark background with light colored text. Here is how to enable […]

Quick Tip: Enable Night Mode in the iOS Twitter App

iPhone phone icon showing a white phone handset on a green gradient background.
iOS 10 adds a new feature to the iPhone that lets you know who is calling. When this feature is turned on, iOS will speak the name of the person who is calling. The feature will not read phone numbers at this time, but will read names that are in your […]

Quick Tip: Want to know who’s calling without looking at ...

Personal Hotspot icon
There are some occasions where you might want to download something on your iOS device but you are told that you must have a Wi-Fi connection. Here is how you can get around this obstacle. Just remember though that this will take up your data plan but if you are […]

Quick Tip: Bypass iOS Wi-Fi requirement

Subscriptions screen in iOS
Safari is Apple’s Web browser for iOS and Mac OS, but did you know that it could also be used as a RSS reader? RSS stands for Rich Site Summary, and it is used in creating content that users can subscribe to like blogs. The iAccessibility Report is one such […]

Quick Tip: Using Safari as an RSS Reader

Image of Apple Pencil being used with iPad Pro on flat surface
This weekend I received my Apple Pencil, and the first thing I did was get my iPad Pro and pair it with the Apple Pencil. The process is very simple and will take less than a minute. Here is how you pair the two devices. Pairing the Apple Pencil The […]

Pairing Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

Magic Keyboard
The Magic Keyboard is the newest keyboard from Apple and it offers a new sleek and slim design. The nicest feature of the keyboard is its multiple uses with devices. This keyboard can be a wireless keyboard for iOS and Mac, or a wired Mac or PC keyboard. To pair […]

Quick Tip: How to pair Magic Keyboard with iOS Devices