Quick Tip: How to Share Shortcuts in #iOS13

We are still in the beta season for iOS and iPadOS, but anyone can try the new features offered by Apple by signing up for the public betas. One of the many changes that Apple has made is that Shortcuts are now built in to the OS. This allows deeper integration with features, but it also means that Apple has made changes to allow Shortcuts to be more secure. You might notice that the share button is disabled and that is because Apple does not allow the sharing or opening of untrusted shortcuts by default. Fortunately, you can still turn this feature back on. Here is how this is done.

Enabling Untrusted Shortcuts

  1. Open the Settings app and tap on Shortcuts
  2. Turn on, “Use Untrusted Shortcuts”
  3. Return to the Shortcuts app
  4. find a shortcut and go to more details.
  5. Find the share button at the bottom of the screen next to the run shortcut button

That’s it! you can now share and open shortcuts. that you make, or that you get from online sources. Turning this on will also allow you to install shortcuts that can compromise the security of your device, so it is important to know what shortcuts you are installing, and check the actions that are in the shortcut so that you do not open your phone up to malware or unauthorized access.

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