#iACast 6 – Saving Power on Mars

 On episode 7 of iA Cast we discuss how to save power on your new iPhone 6s and much more.
  1. iAccessibility.net has been given an update for better looks and performance
  2. To save power on your iPhone 6s;
    1. Turn off background app refresh for apps you don’t want refreshing
    2. Disable always use location services for selected apps and system services
    3. Turn on Screen Curtain while using VoiceOver
    4. Use Airplane Mode with Wi-FI and Bluetooth on to use your device without cellular signal
    5. Use Airplane Mode to charge your device faster
  3. Discussion of the movie the Martian compared to the book
  4. Discussion of latest season of Doctor Who
  5. Cap Mac Users Group meets Tuesday October 13 instead of Tuesday October 6th as stated last week
  6. iAccessibility will be at NFB Texas convention to discuss our developer program and to sign people up to create their apps. Come and show your support for iAccessibility at the exhibit hall
  7. Brief discussion of how to get an app developed through iAccessibility

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