Useful Cables and Dongles for The 2018 iPad Pro

iPad Pro 11 inch WI-FI front and back

The 2018 iPad Pros are a step above everything else Apple has released in the iOS lineup for several reasons. The speakers are amazing, the display is the clearest and brightest yet, and the USB-C Port allows the use of some amazing external devices. The drawback is that you will no longer have a lightning… Continue Reading Useful Cables and Dongles for The 2018 iPad Pro

2018 iA Team Devices

iA Logo for 2018

2018 Team Picks It is that time again, the time when the iA Team gets together to tell you about our favorite devices we have bought this year. Each team member will post their favorite and tell you why it is their choice. It’s time to sit back, relax, and take a look at the… Continue Reading 2018 iA Team Devices

#iACast Outtake Show July 2018

iAccessibility Logo

This episode of the iA Cast is not an actual episode, but our first outtake show. Some podcasts do an outtake show every year, but we have so many outtakes that we had to divide it up twice a year. Want to hear all of our outtakes whenever you want? head to and become… Continue Reading #iACast Outtake Show July 2018