Useful Cables and Dongles for The 2018 iPad Pro

The 2018 iPad Pros are a step above everything else Apple has released in the iOS lineup for several reasons. The speakers are amazing, the display is the clearest and brightest yet, and the USB-C Port allows the use of some amazing external devices. The drawback is that you will no longer have a lightning port, so your old cables will not work. While this is an issue, it is worth noting that the new iPads allow the user to utilize any USB device through the USB-C Port. This article will hopefully give you some ideas on how to get the most out of your new iPad’s USB-C port by listing a few accessories and how they improve the device beyond the capabilities of older iPads, and even current iPhones.

Apple USB-C to USB-A Dongle

USB-C to USB-A cable from Apple

The USB-C to USB-A dongle from Apple is the best accessory for the iPad. It gives you a full USB-A port on your iPad Pro. With this little accessory, you can hook up microphones, hard drives, printers and much more to your iPad. You will need to make sure the device is working when you connect it, and some devices like hard drives may need another app installed so that you can see all of your files.

Cable Price: $19.00

Apple USB-C to Lightning Cable

USB-C to Lightning Cable From Apple

This cable allows you to charge lightning powered devices with your iPad Pro. This includes AirPods, and even the iPhone. I have tested this with the AirPods, and it will charge the headset without any problems.

Cable Price: $25.00

USB-C to 3.5mm Audio Dongle

USB-C to Headphone Adapter from Apple

The iPad Pro does not have a headphone jack, so you will need to purchase a dongle if you would like to use regular headphones on your iPad Pro

Cable Price: $9.00


The iPad Pros from 2018 are amazing devices that let their users add all kinds of new functionality. There are a few drawbacks which include the lack of a headphone jack and the loss of the lightning port, but the use of USB-C allows some amazing devices to now work with the iPad Pro.


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10.5-inch iPad Pro Wi-Fi 64GB – Space Gray – Apple

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Pairing Apple Pencil with iPad Pro

This weekend I received my Apple Pencil, and the first thing I did was get my iPad Pro and pair it with the Apple Pencil. The process is very simple and will take less than a minute. Here is how you pair the two devices.

Pairing the Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil has a magnetic cap on the end opposite the nib. You will feel a metal ring, and the cap will be above that ring. Simply pull the cap off the back of the pencil and you will see a Lightning connector. You can pair your Pencil by either plugging that lightning connector into the iPad Pro and have it stick out the bottom of your iPad, or by using the adapter that comes with the pencil. This will allow you to plug a lightning cable into the pencil, and then into the iPad. This will make sure you don’t hit the pencil breaking the lightning connector on it. This would be the best for charging, but to pair it is just simple to plug the pencil right into the iPad for a few seconds.

Once you plug the Pencil into the iPad Pro, you just have to wait until a pairing dialog appears. Once it does, double tap on the pair button to pair your Apple Pencil, and you will be ready to write in the Notes app or other apps that work with the device. When the battery gets low on the pencil, the iPad will tell you to charge the pencil by using a method mentioned above.

We will soon have an article here on iAccessibility’s website discussing how to do more with the Apple Pencil with VoiceOver, so keep checking back to learn more about this amazing device. We will discuss how to use it with drawing apps, and how to navigate the iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil.