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The PawdCast episode 1: Service Animal Identification

Welcome to the latest in new shows from the iACast network. It’s called the PawdCast, and it will be a monthly show featuring topics of interest to service animal users, with a focus on guide dogs. What a better way to start off the show than to talk about identification and its implementation in the United States and Canada. To do that, we brought in Aleeha Dudley, Anne Currie, Buddy Brannan, Dan Hart, Lyn Frison, and Matt Dierckens. We begin by discussing the many different forms of legislation surrounding service animals. In the US, there is the Americans with Disabilities act, the Fair Housing Act, and the Air Carrier access act. We also discuss legislation in Canada, but this podcast by no means describes the law for every province, as that is how the legislation has been constructed. A helpful resource for researching this legislation can be found  here. The second part of the podcast deals with identification and its implementation, and how that could be catastrophic for handlers in the United states, as well as how it works in Canada. Buddy mentions an article on Growing Up Guide Pup that discusses this issue. Finally, we wrap up with a couple of resources. NAGDU Guide & Service Dog advocacy & Information on the App Store (don’t worry, the app will receive an update prior to iOS 11)

Frequently Asked Questions about Service Animals –  Credit goes out to Andre Louis for the intro and outro for this episode. We hope you enjoy this new show, and please feel free to email us at with suggestions for future pawdCasts.

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#iACast 26 – Dial It Up

Welcome to episode 26 of the #IACast! This episode was recorded on November 9, 2016. Listen to this podcast to hear Michael, Jessica, Daniel, and Jason discuss the following topics:

  • Accessible VotingAre you over 18 and a United States citizen? If so, we hope you voted in this year’s election. If you did not, because you were afraid of accessibility issues, we have great news for you! Several of us voted, and we have a lot of information for you about what you can expect when voting.
  • Microsoft Surface Studio and 2016 Apple MacBook Pro First ImpressionsMichael recently made his way to the Microsoft store and the Apple Store – check out what he thought of the Surface Studio, Surface Dial, and the MacBook Pro.
  • Google Home Now AvailableThose of us on the podcast this week have not yet seen the recently released Google Home, but someone on the iAccessibility team has! We cannot wait to bring you more information about the Google Home, but here’s what we’ve heard about the device so far.
  • Slack AccessibilitySlack is a service used to communicate with groups of people, in what are called teams. You may need to use this app if you join an organization, beta test, or even work for some companies. Recently, the iOS app was updated to work much better with VoiceOver. We are really happy about this!

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