#iACast 33 – DemoCast 1: Software Updates on macOS Sierra

Mac OS App Store Software Updates

Welcome to the very first iA DemoCast! In this episode, Matt Dierckens will walk you through updating software on macOS Sierra, using Apple’s built-in screen reader, VoiceOver. We hope you find this demonstration useful; if you have topics you would like to see covered on the DemoCast, please let us know! As always, thank you… Continue Reading #iACast 33 – DemoCast 1: Software Updates on macOS Sierra

#iACast 26 – Dial It Up

Image of Surface Dial on top of a touch screen displaying the time.

Welcome to episode 26 of the #IACast! This episode was recorded on November 9, 2016. Listen to this podcast to hear Michael, Jessica, Daniel, and Jason discuss the following topics: Accessible VotingAre you over 18 and a United States citizen? If so, we hope you voted in this year’s election. If you did not, because… Continue Reading #iACast 26 – Dial It Up

Zooming in on the Touch Bar

image of MacBook Pro 2016 from iMore.com

We’ve already talked about how VoiceOver works with the Touch Bar on the new MacBooks, but what about low vision users? How could Apple possibly make items on such a tiny screen usable by the visually impaired? It’s called Touch Bar Zoom, and we’re going to tell you all about it. What’s Touch Bar Zoom?… Continue Reading Zooming in on the Touch Bar

Traveling Made Easy with Tile

Picture of Tile device. Device is a white square with rounded corners with the word Tile in a light grey. It also has a round hole in a corner for a key ring.

Have you ever traveled to a destination and had difficulty finding your luggage? Tile, a new device with a mobile app aims to fix this issue is now available, but is this solution accessible? Lets take a look at the app and the devices themselves. •What is a Tile? A Tile is a small device that is… Continue Reading Traveling Made Easy with Tile

Some of My Favorite #macOS Sierra Features

Image of the macOS Sierra App Store Icon, which is mountains and sky inside of a circle with a border.

Sierra has been out for awhile now, and while I haven’t had the chance to play with it as much as I would like, I have found some interesting new features and changes. If you’ve been following macOS Sierra news, or if you are using the new OS yourself, you’ll probably know about most of… Continue Reading Some of My Favorite #macOS Sierra Features

Review: Google Allo Accessibility

Image showing the Google Allo icon

Clearly in competition with Apple’s iMessage, and other messaging services, Google recently released Allo – a messaging app for Android and iOS. Most of its features are very similar to iMessage, with a few exceptions. First of all, as stated above, unlike iMessage, Allo is cross-platform. That means, regardless of whether you’re rocking an iPhone… Continue Reading Review: Google Allo Accessibility