Patriot ViewPoint – VR Glasses For Low Vision Users

Michael wearing the Patriot ViewPoint Glasses

Over the past several years, assistive technology manufacturers have produced eyewear which has promised legally blind individuals the ability to see more than they ever have; however, each device is designed to work with different subsets of users. I have personally tried the Jordy, eSight, NuEyes, and Patriot ViewPoint Glasses. While attending the 2018 National… Continue Reading Patriot ViewPoint – VR Glasses For Low Vision Users

Aira From a Low Vision Perspective

Aira App Icon

Aira is a relatively new service that helps the blind navigate their environment and complete tasks by matching them with a trained agent. It has caused quite the stir in the blindness community, and we have heard a lot of success stories from Aira users who have utilized the service to accomplish a variety of… Continue Reading Aira From a Low Vision Perspective

#iACast 26 – Dial It Up

Image of Surface Dial on top of a touch screen displaying the time.

Welcome to episode 26 of the #IACast! This episode was recorded on November 9, 2016. Listen to this podcast to hear Michael, Jessica, Daniel, and Jason discuss the following topics: Accessible VotingAre you over 18 and a United States citizen? If so, we hope you voted in this year’s election. If you did not, because… Continue Reading #iACast 26 – Dial It Up

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