Accessibly Streaming a Live Event to YouTube

Youtube Logo

It’s something that has not been commonly thought of as an accessible option for blind people but, believe it or not, a blind person can successfully stream a live event to a YouTube channel using a myriad of tools. This can be accomplished using either a Windows or Mac computer. However, for the sake of… Continue Reading Accessibly Streaming a Live Event to YouTube

#iACast 78: Headphone Showdown

Sennheizer Ambig headphones

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Jason, Aleeha, Allison, Scott, and Matt discuss all of the headphones we use All podcast panelists use their equipment for recording, so each person will sound differently based on what they use. Here is the news for this episode. Michael discusses the Google Pixel 2. Microsoft adds… Continue Reading #iACast 78: Headphone Showdown