Accessory Review – AMBEO Smart Headset

Ambeo smart headset

Background The AMBEO Smart Headset has become, and will probably remain, one of my all-time favorite wired headsets. It has caused me to reconsider my feelings on the headphone jack. For a long time, I use to feel that the headphone jack was the single most useful audio feature a product could have, and now,… Continue Reading Accessory Review – AMBEO Smart Headset

Accessory Review: Powerbeats Pro

Jason Earls with PowerBeats Pro pointed at camera

Introduction When Apple announced the Powerbeats Pro in April, I was excited. I had had my AirPods for around two years, and was noticing that my use time between charges was getting shorter and shorter. Also, they didn’t stay in my ears as securely as I would like, causing a reduction of sound quality as… Continue Reading Accessory Review: Powerbeats Pro

#iACast 78: Headphone Showdown

Sennheizer Ambig headphones

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Jason, Aleeha, Allison, Scott, and Matt discuss all of the headphones we use All podcast panelists use their equipment for recording, so each person will sound differently based on what they use. Here is the news for this episode. Michael discusses the Google Pixel 2. Microsoft adds… Continue Reading #iACast 78: Headphone Showdown

#iACast 28 – The Future is NOW

DirectTV Now

This podcast was recorded on December 1, 2016, and it is hosted by Michael Doise. Accompanying Michael on this episode is Jason Earls, and Jessica Smith. This episode covers the following topics: Black Friday/Cyber Monday DealsIn this segment, we discuss our holiday spending and deals we found interesting. W1-Enabled HeadphonesIn this segment, we discuss Beats… Continue Reading #iACast 28 – The Future is NOW

iAccessibility’s top devices of 2016

iAccessibility Logo

Many of our staff members wrote articles about their favorite device of 2016. In this post we are going to give you a link to each of them. Michael Doise’s post about AirPods. The first post was from Michael Doise. He talked about Apples brand new AirPods. My Favorite Device Of 2016 Bose QC35’s Rich… Continue Reading iAccessibility’s top devices of 2016

Product Review: Apple AirPods

Apple AirPods in charging case

When preorders went live for Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, I acted fast! I knew I wouldn’t miss the headphone jack, because removing it would pave the way for more advancements in technology. With this in mind, it is no surprise that I was also among the first to order Apple’s new AirPods! I… Continue Reading Product Review: Apple AirPods

Welcome to Trekz Titanium by Aftershockz

Image of Aftershockz Trekz headphones

The title of this article is essentially what is said when you power on Aftershockz’ newest bluetooth headset the Trekz Titanium. In the past, we have typically blogged about apps and have written about platforms like the Echo, but we really haven’t talked much about headsets until now. What makes these headphones so special? All Aftershockz… Continue Reading Welcome to Trekz Titanium by Aftershockz