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#iAUnboxCast 27 – Surface Pro

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Aleeha and Michael unbox the Microsoft Surface Pro 6 + Type Cover, along with the Thule laptop sleeve.

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#iACast 82 – Google Tablet Degradation

On this episode of the #iACast, Aleeha, Michael, Allison, and Jason talked about the degradation of Android tablets. They mentioned the top Android tablets from PCMag,  and the fact that Google removed support for their tablets from Android P. In the news, they talked about:

This week’s advertisement featured the iAccessibility training program.

The show concluded with everyone’s weekly picks. Aleeha talked about Flicktype beta, Allison talked about the West World TV show and  Aira’s description of the royal wedding. Jason’s pick was File explorer by Skyjos. Michael talked about his pick Movie Pass. Feel free to send feedback to or follow us at iAccessibility1 on Twitter.

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#iACast UnboxCast 15 – Amazon Fire 8 HD Tablet

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast, Michael and Aleeha unbox the Amazon Fire HD 8 tablet which runs Fire OS and the VoiceView Screen Reader. We go from having the device in the box to having the device completely set up. We also explore the VoiceView tutorial and all of the gestures that Amazon Fire tablet users will use on a daily basis. – Amazon Fire HD 8 – now only $79.99‎

iA Cast iA Cast Weekly

#iACast 7 – Is it a Tablet or a Notebook?

On this episode of iA Cast we discuss the following topics
  1. iAccessibility resurrecting Share Center without the notification widget
  2. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus can have a slightly different processor made either by Samsung or TSMC.
  3. Bluetooth performance in iOS 9.0.2 seems far superior than previous versions or phones VoiceOver with bluetooth still needs to be fixed
  4. compass app does not display elevation to VoiceOver users
  5. Testflisht app does not let VoiceOver users see what apps they can test on its main screen
  6. To fix these issues email we will do the same as well
  7. Microsoft announces Surface Pro 4 New Surface™ Pro 4 –‎
  8. Microsoft announces Surface Book a laptop and a tablet in one device. Surface™ Book – Introducing The Ultimate Laptop‎
  9. Microsoft announces Lumia 950 and 950 XL Microsoft Lumia 950 – Smartphones – Microsoft – USA
  10. We discuss the Capital Macintosh meeting that happens on October 13. The address is 9012 Research BLVD. in Austin Texas Capital Macintosh User Group
  11. We discuss how to become a developer Apple DeveloperAndroid DevelopersRegister as an app developer – Windows app development
  12. Apple added the Curious app to its list of apps that are accessible to VoiceOver. Search the App Store for this app.
  13. We discuss the latest gaming news. Halo 5, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Geometry Wars and more

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