#iACast Special: 2018 Apple iPhone Event

September 2018 iPhone Event Invite

It’s that time of year again everyone. Apple has released details of its new iPhone and watches, So gather round and listen to the event with the iAccessibility community as we discuss what happened and experience all the new announcements with us. You will also get to hear our reactions to everything announced.

Should there be a new Apple Watch in 2016?

Bigger pic of Apple Watch

Apple has a release cycle of a new product each year whether it be computers, phones or other hardware, but does Apple need a new Apple Watch this year? Advantages of a new Apple Watch model The advantages of a new Apple Watch this year would be that Apple could put a new processor and… Continue Reading Should there be a new Apple Watch in 2016?

#iACast 4 – iAccessibility Update

¬†Episode Notes This week on iA Cast, we discuss the latest in Apple News and product releases. We also discuss the various products and services offered here at iAccessibility, and the events that will be coming up in the future. Here is a rundown of everything we talked about. Apple released iOS 9 last week.… Continue Reading #iACast 4 – iAccessibility Update