The New MacBook – First Impressions.

New MacBook in Gold
New MacBook in Gold

While visiting the Apple Store today to check out the Apple Watch, I got to check out the new Macbook, and I was impressed and not impressed at the same time, and here is why.


The new MacBook is small. At 12 inches it is nearly as small as the MacBook Air, but thinner. The dimensions of this computer are perfect, and I love how portable it is. I think it is now thinner than an iPad with a Logitech keyboard cover!

The Keyboard

While the size of the computer is great, the keyboard isn’t so great. It is definitely usable, but the keys do not depress much, and they are almost to close together. I could see many users who have neuropathy have problems finding the home row. I do however, like the keys. They are better built, which makes the computer more sturdy for users like myself, who travel with their computers.

Force Touch Trackpad

I played a bit with the trackpad on this machine, and did not see what was totally different. The mouse still depresses when you push on it and I did not see that is done with the Taptic engine they say was added.


While the new MacBook is a new step in Apple’s computer lineup, it has its downfalls as well. There are the accessibility issues mentioned earlier, but keep in mind that this computer only has a headphone jack, and a new type of USB that will not support flash drives or portable hard drives out of the box. There are adapters that can be purchased for this, but again, that is extra. If you want a basic Mac computer to just use instead of an iPad, then this is the way to go, but I would definitely recommend that you try it before you bring it home.

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