VisualBraille Updates and Notes

in an effort to provide our users with the best app experience, VisualBraille will be the next app to be updated to iOS 7. With this change we will see a few new features, and the biggest will be the addition of notes.


VisualBraille will now have a basic note taking feature that will convert text to Braille as you type. These notes will be saved to your iOS device for further reference.


VisualBraille will now have a new user interface to go with iOS 7′s new polished look.

Individual apps

Along with these new updates, VisualBraille will now have each section be available for download in the iOS app store. Each app will cost $0.99, and you may still purchase the VisualBraille as a single app for the same price.

VisualBraille Notes

VisualBraille Notes will be the newest addition to the VisuallBraille feature set, and the VB Notes app will have additional features that can not be found with the notes section of VisualBraille. VisualBraille Notes will also be available for Mac OS X, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone.

I hope you like all of these new announcements, and there will be featured posts to notify everyone as to when our new apps will be released.

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