Quick Tip: Bypass iOS Wi-Fi requirement

There are some occasions where you might want to download something on your iOS device but you are told that you must have a Wi-Fi connection. Here is how you can get around this obstacle. Just remember though that this will take up your data plan but if you are wanting to try this then you probably realize this. Here is what you will need to do this.


  1. You need an iPhone that has the personal Hotspot feature enabled
  2. A Mac running a newer version of OS X or Mac OS.
  3. A Lightning Cable


To use your iPhone to download items that require Wi-Fi, do the following.

  1. make sure Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are turned off.
  2. Connect your Phone to your Mac using a lightning cable.
  3. Turn Personal Hotspot on and select USB Only
  4. In yourMac’s menu bar, turn Wi-Fi off.
  5. You may need to go to Network settings under System Preferences and enable iPhone USB.
  6. Go to System Preferences and then to Sharing.
  7. Select the iPhone USB in Source, and Wi-Fi under, “to computers with.”
  8. Find the checkbook under the sharing table and check share Internet connection to start the connection.
  9. You can now connect to your Mac with your iPhone over Wi-Fi and it will think it is getting Internet from your Mac.

This is a great process for using your phone with your Mac to download any content that would require a Wi-Fi connection. You can also do this with a Windows PC if you create an Ad Hoc connection as well.

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