Nova Launcher
The title says it all. To those who have never used an Android device, or maybe to those who are familiar with their Android device only somewhat, you may be wondering what a launcher is. Let’s see if we can shed some light on this topic. A launcher on Android […]

What is an Android Launcher?

iPad Pro Front and Back
iOS 11 has changed the way users work with apps by introducing an improved Dock and a new way to work with two apps at once, which lets users stretch and shrink apps to be the size they want. You can also have an app float on top of another […]

Guide: Getting Around iPad Multitasking bug in #iOS11

A picture of the Windows Logo
Like macOS X, Microsoft offers a Windows beta test program called the Insider Preview program. In a previous episode of the iA Cast we promised a post on how to join this program and here it is. An important thing to note is that Windows Insider builds are beta versions, […]

Joining the Windows 10 Insider Preview

Side of the PowerBeats 3 with W1 Chip
Apple this year removed the headphone Jack from the iPhone 7 which demanded a change in wireless technologies for bluetooth users. To help in this, Apple created the W1 Chip which currently is on the Beats headphones and will soon be on the Apple AirPods. One advantage is that W1 […]

Guide: Pairing with W1 Enabled Headphones

Image showing magnifier in accessibility shortcut menu.
iOS 10 has added several new accessibility features, but one stays out for low vision users. This feature is called Magnifier, and I have enjoyed it since developer beta 1 of iOS 10. The magnifier feature lets a low vision user enlarge their surroundings with the device’s cameras. You can […]

Magnifier for #iOS10