Known iOS 11 Bugs

Each year, Apple releases a new version of iOS with new features which change the operating system in ways that can cause bugs for users. While we all wish this did not happen it is inevitable, and it is good to know what works and what does not work, so in this article, you will find what we have found to be known bugs in iOS 11.

  • iPad multitasking with split view apps is broken currently with VoiceOver. Workaround can be found at
  • Zoom will not rotate between portrait and landscape properly all the time. This occurs when the device is rotated to landscape and back to portrait. Sometimes, the device will rotate back to portrait but the zoom window will stay in a landscape state.
  • A VoiceOver bug has been found that causes drag and drop of icons to not work correctly in the Dock and on the Home screen This causes the entire device to hang for an unpredictable amount of time, and is not always seen to happen. Only known fix is to reset your device’s settings.
  • A VoiceOver bug has been found that causes Messages on iOS to say, “null” when a conversation is deleted. This does not display visually but does show with VoiceOver. @mcourcel on Twitter reports that closing Messages after deleting a conversation fixes the null conversation.
  • A bug has been found that causes iOS to relaunch Springboard when a user activates the App Switcher or opens an app from the App Switcher while VoiceOver is running. This does not happen if VoiceOver is not running. and does not always happen when switching apps.

What bugs have you found? Let us know and we will post them here. To send us your bugs, email us at or tweet us at @iaccessibility1 on Twitter.

Guides Report

Guide: Getting Around iPad Multitasking bug in #iOS11

iOS 11 has changed the way users work with apps by introducing an improved Dock and a new way to work with two apps at once, which lets users stretch and shrink apps to be the size they want. You can also have an app float on top of another app, but these amazing features do not work properly with VoiceOver at this time. Our hope is that, in iOS 11.1, Apple will fix this bug, but until then, there is a work around to still use two apps at once with VoiceOver. Here is how it works.

  1. Find the status bar and swipe up with three fingers to reveal the control center.
  2. Find the app that you are currently using with one finger.
  3. Find the app you would like to use with the first app that one finger is on. This second app will be in the Dock.
  4. Double tap and hold on the new app and then drag the new app to your other finger.
  5. Keep holding your finger on the new app that will be moved on top of the first app until VoiceOver opens the first app and makes a sound.
  6. You can then move the new app to where you want, or move it to the right or left to make the app be to the left or right of the main app. At this point you may lift that finger.

During this process, VoiceOver will not read the status of the drag and drop so you will have to follow this guide specifically if you would like this feature to work. Hopefully Apple will fix this in a future update.