Apple Watch accessibility, “sort of” confirmed. has written a blog post on Apple Watch accessibility where sources found thatTim Cook stated that the Apple Watch would have accessibility features included, such as VoiceOver. Sources at iMore also discovered that the WatchKit APIs for developers contains things like accessibility labels for buttons, which suggests VoiceOver support for the watch.  This combined … Read more

How To: Fix Your iOS 8 Bugs for good!

So Apple has just released its anticipated version of its Mobile operating system, iOS 8. With this release came many new amazing features along with some new and annoying bugs. Many have decided to wait on iOS 8 for the bugs to be fixed, but the bugs are really not that big of a deal … Read more

Mastering the Macintosh with VoiceOver – Free iBook!

Last week a great free iBook was released called, “Mastering the Macintosh with VoiceOver.” This book covers strategies for using the Macintosh with the trackpad to make the computer behave like a standard iPhone would. This book is very straight forward, and is great for all readers. If you are interested in learning the Mac … Read more

Quick Tip: Quickly Charge your iPhone.

Everyone on the internet will offer you the fastest way to charge your phone blog posts, but we want to actually give some useful information that you may have not yet heard. Airplane Mode You can charge your phone faster if it is in airplane mode. You will not receive calls while airplane mode is … Read more

Quick Tip: Enable Accessibility at setup

If you purchase a new iOS device, you can turn on VoiceOver by pressing the home button 3 times, or you may turn on zoom by taping twice on the screen with three fingers. These tips only work when you are first setting up your device.

Quick tip: Spotlight Search

Have you ever wanted to find anything on your iOS device? There is a simple way to search for anything on your device and beyond. With VoiceOver Make sure you are at your home screen Tap an icon on your home screen Swipe down with three fingers to bring down Spotlight Search Use the keyboard … Read more



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