Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps: A Comparison

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Software applications have typically been written to work in our operating systems like Windows and macOS, but with the improvements made to the Internet, it is now possible to make web pages that act like software applications. A few examples of this would be Gmail, Google Docs, or Microsoft Word online. These web based applications… Continue Reading Progressive Web Apps vs Native Apps: A Comparison

#iACast 129 – What Is An App

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Show description On this episode, Michael and Jason discuss the fundamental definition of an app. They also discuss some of the differences between Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android apps, and the methods for developing them. News Android 10 has been released. Apple’s September 10th event will be held at the Steve Jobs Theater. Ad SwiftUI… Continue Reading #iACast 129 – What Is An App

iAccessibility 1.4 for iOS

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iAccessibility is proud to announce that version 1.4 of our app has been released to the app store. This version includes new shortcuts to start and stop playback of our live stream, and a shortcut to listen to our ten latest episodes. You must first perform these actions in the app for Siri to find… Continue Reading iAccessibility 1.4 for iOS

iA DemoCast 13: iAccessibility for iOS

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On this episode of he iA DemoCast, Jason Earls demonstrates the iAccessibility app for iOS by going through each element of the app. iAccessibility on the App Store

#iACast DemoCast 6: Prizmo Go

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In this Demo Cast, Jason demonstrates Prizmo Go, a free app for iOS that allows the user to scan and read text. Download the app by following this link: Prizmo Go – Instant Text Capture on the App Store

#iACast DemoCast 4 – Echo Dot

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In this episode of the iA DemoCast, Aleeha sets up the Amazon Echo Dot for the first time with iOS Alexa app. She then demonstrates a few things you can try with your own Alexa enabled device. Amazon Echo Dot Amazon Alexa App for iOS Amazon Alexa App for Android

Hours Time Tracking for iOS Provides Only Seconds of Accessibility

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I recently have been looking for good time tracking apps for iOS and Android to keep track of my project hours. I went to the App Store business section in iOS and found the app Hours which promised to do just that. As a visual user I found the app to be appealing and would… Continue Reading Hours Time Tracking for iOS Provides Only Seconds of Accessibility

Sling’s Accessibility should be in a Sling.

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Sling TV is an online cable service that brings cable TV channels to your smartphone, tablet, and computer. While Sling TV brings much to the table like affordable plans and a 7 day free trial, their accessibility and app features have much to be improved upon. Lets take a look at both of these things.… Continue Reading Sling’s Accessibility should be in a Sling.

VO Starter 3.0 Public Beta

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iAccessibility is proud to announce that VO Starter 3.0 is now in the Beta phase of development. As such, we are offering the opportunity for a public beta test through TestFlight. If you are interested, please fill out the form below and you will receive a TestFlight invite in your email. We will remove the… Continue Reading VO Starter 3.0 Public Beta

Traveling Made Easy with Tile

Picture of Tile device. Device is a white square with rounded corners with the word Tile in a light grey. It also has a round hole in a corner for a key ring.

Have you ever traveled to a destination and had difficulty finding your luggage? Tile, a new device with a mobile app aims to fix this issue is now available, but is this solution accessible? Lets take a look at the app and the devices themselves. •What is a Tile? A Tile is a small device that is… Continue Reading Traveling Made Easy with Tile

First Look: Ride Austin

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There have been many new ridesharing services to enter Austin since Lyft and Uber have left us, but one stands out and may be the one service to rule them all. Ride Austin is an app developed by local Austin tech companies and the app is a nonprofit service. The developers have promised that the… Continue Reading First Look: Ride Austin

Learning Xcode with VoiceOver

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Are you a blind or low vision user of the Mac and want to know if you can use Xcode to build apps for iOS or for the Mac? Alex Hall over at AppleVis has written a great guide to show new readers how to use Xcode with Apple’s screen reader VoiceOver.

A VoiceOver User’s Guide to Xcode

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