Chase Mobile App for iOS

The App store provides many applications for personal banking. Most likely, your bank will have developed and published an app for iPhone users. JP Morgan/Chase is one of those banks who have provided an app to its account holders. Through this app, you may find locations and ATMs, view account balances, pay bills, deposit money through checks, and make transfers.
First screen

When the program starts, you may select to log in, contact, Chase, or find ATMs or banking centers. Most of the time you will select to log in to your accounts. This first screen is completely VoiceOver accessible.

Logging in for the first time

When you log in for the first time, you must show that your device is yours by receiving an email or text message with a confirmation code. This process also must be done on any computer used to check account balances online. This process on iOS devices is also accessible via VoiceOver.

Account Overviews

Once logged in, you may view your account balances. Each account will have its own box which shows part of the account number, the account name, account type, the balance, and a link to use that account to pay bills. Tapping on the account name will allow you to see the account history, and the amounts deposited or spent. Everything in this section is viewable and usable via VoiceOver.

Pay and Transfer

The next section of the app will let you pay bills and transfer funds. You have several options here. You may send money off via electronic check to pay bills, you may wire funds, transfer between accounts, and send money to another person’s Chase account. Each of these sections are VoiceOver accessible.


A new feature offered in this app is to deposit a check from your iPhone. This works by taking a photo copy of the front and back of filled out check. do not be afraid to ask for assistance from friends here. Each selection is VoiceOver accessible, but the check must be legible.


The last section found in the Chase app has different items such as contacting Chase, and finding ATMS. There are also options to read FAQS, read disclosures, and view the privacy policy. This section is NOT VoiceOver compliant. No option is selectable on the page.


Chase Mobile App is a great app for online banking. The developer took the time to use standard developer techniques that allowed for much of the program to be used by VoiceOver users. The only area lacking access is the more section of the app. If you are a chase account holder and have an iDevice, then get this app. It will be very useful on the go.

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