Digit-Eyes, from Digital Miracles L.L.C.

Digit-Eyes is one of many applications that allows for the scanning of bar codes. When you scan a bar code, Digit-Eyes will send back any information found by their database of UPC codes. You may also scan labels printed from their web page to custom label items around the home or office.
Bar Code Scanning

The first major feature of Digit-Eyes is the ability to scan bar codes. This will work with any commercial UPC or EAN Barcode. When you start the app, tap scan, and aim at a bar code. The program will do a scan every five seconds. This allows for you to get the code in position, and the program will automatically take the picture for you using the camera. This is to make sure a better picture is taken, instead of a blury image due to finger and hand movement. If the program finds a code, the program will beep, and bring up the information based on the scanned bar code. It will also tell you if it could not retrieve any data.

Text Labels

Digit-Eyes will also do two types of custom labels. The first is called a, “Text Label.” A Text label is a label that a person can scan, and VoiceOver can read. When you have created an account at http://www.digit-eyes.com, you may create and print address labels that contain text. The Digit-Eyes website has detailed information on how to do this. Once your labels are printed, use the method for scanning regular bar codes to scan a text label. Once done, VoiceOver will read the text to you.

Audio Labels

Audio labels work just like text labels. You go to the web site to print them, and you scan them just like every other code. The main difference is that you are given the ability to do a voice recording the first time you scan a label. This also is only kept on your device, so the Internet is not required.


Digit-Eyes is a great application for labeling items, or getting bar code data. The developers really put a lot in to the coding of this application, and made every control accessibile for VoiceOver users. This app is very similar to the functionality of the Pen Friend, which also allows for custom labels. This app is however more expensive than most app store apps at US$29.99, but I feel it is well worth the money.

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