If you are looking in the App store for PocketBraille Reference, pay close attention. Apple has approved another app called Pocket Braille. This app is NOT PocketBraille Reference. It has a few more features, but the creator needs to work on their terminology and use the right wording. for instance, there are Braille contractions, not short hand.
Contractions in PocketBraille Reference

PocketBraille Reference will get contractions, but that will be in a future update. Once I have fixed settings issues with VisualBraille, I will slowly introduce many types of contractions in PocketBraille.

Other Braille Types

We will also be offering computer Braille exclusive symbols, Nemeth math symbols and several more including Braille music, so keep your eyes or ears here at the iAccessibility report, or the app update screen on your iDevice for more.

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