FlipBoard for iOS

I know it has been a great long while since I have written a review of an app but I am back to review one of my favorite apps for iOS for accessibility, and its name is FlipBoard. The question here is, if FlipBoard is accessible with VoiceOver on the iPhone and iPad.
What is Flipboard?

Currently, there are several news apps out for iOS, but none are as graphically stunning as clipboard. On the iPad, Flipboard works like a book. When the app opens you are presented with a cover page that shows the highlights of your personalized FlipBoard experience. When you want to go on, simply take a finger and flick left to turn the page. On the second page you can set up FaceBook and Twitter to display in this nice book like view. Flipboard will arrange your posts, pictures, and media in a way that looks wonderful to the eye. On the iPhone, Flipboard does the same thing, but a little differently. Instead of turning the pages of a book, you flick up like a note pad or calendar to reveal each page.Users can also add individual twitter, Facebook and blogs to their main FlipBoard sections for more detailed viewing.

Is it accessible?

In short the answer is NO! Not just no, but NO! Flipboard is not accessible what so ever. A user can not turn a page, click the settings button, or even click on each section. Very few buttons work, and when they do they just say, “button.” This is on both iPhone/iPod versions and the iPad version as well.


I constantly use clipboard having some vision, but if I were to need a news app and I was totally blind or had worse vision than I do now, I would not get this app. There is no accessibility, and there is not a way for anyone who is visually impaired to use this app. I really wish that the developers would work on this, and I urge everyone to get this out there and get some demand for accessibility in Flipboard so everyone can use it.

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