iOS 8.2

It is known that Apple gave us a lot to go over yesterday, and one of these things is iOS 8.2. iOS 8.2 is a major update to iOS which contains support for the Apple Watch, but also contains fixes for and stability improvements for VoiceOver. I have updated to this version on both my iPhone and iPad and noticed two major differences.

  1. The new Apple Watch app has been added to help users pair and get started with their Apple Watch. This is a neat app to use currently to learn about the watch.
  2. Quicker Access to iOS has finally come in this version. I am very happy about this as iOS 8 has been quite slow on all iOS devices. I also have noticed quicker responses with Zoom and VoiceOver as well. 

There are several other changes made to the OS that I probably have not noticed, so please post any other changes that I have missed in the comments. 


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