The Apple Watch and Accessibility

Yesterday, Apple released the long awaited details on its watch. We now know how much it costs, how it works, and when we can get one, but we still do not know anything about accessibility. Apple states that they take accessibility very seriously, but have not mentioned how it would be implemented in this new product. While watching videos on the watch, I also never see any indications of accessibility settings, and there is no mention in the Apple Watch app in iOS 8.2 as of yet. 

With that being said, it is worth noting that the Apple Watch could be made accessible with ease. The watch does have a speaker, and could support speech streamed from the iPhone if needed. 

The new Taptic engine on the watch also would allow for the use of the watch through vibrations. For example, a blind user would be able to open a glance, which is kind of like a widget, and the watch would do a certain vibration sequence to let the person know what time it was.  

There are many other examples of how the Apple Watch could help blind users, but I hope that Apple sees the usefulness of accessibility on this device.  I plan to get an Apple Watch next month, and I will write a detailed review on Apple Watch accessibility.

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