Quick Tip: Enable Night Mode in the iOS Twitter App

Image showing Twitter for iOS Night ModeTwitter for iOS has updated their app with a feature called Night Mode that changes the app’s color scheme to allow for higher contrast text. This feature allows for users to read tweets easier by showing text on a dark background with light colored text. Here is how to enable this feature.

  1. Open the Twitter app
  2. Find the Me tap at the bottom right portion of your screen
  3. Find the Settings button
  4. Select the first choice for Settings
  5. Find an option that says Display and Sounds
  6. Find the switch for enable Night Mode.

Turning on this feature will instantly switch your device to Night mode.

Night Mode is a great new feature that adds high contrast to your Twitter experience. You will still see pictures correctly because the app adds high contrast without reversing the video like the built in high contrast feature does.

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