Twitterrific Keystrokes for iOS and Mac

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Iconfactory has created one of the best applications for using Twitter for iOS and macOS, and they have also created an amazing set of keystrokes for users who like to navigate applications with the keyboard. Below is a link to Iconfactory’s list of keystrokes that you can use to navigate the Twitterrific application. Twitterrific Keystrokes… Continue Reading Twitterrific Keystrokes for iOS and Mac

#iOS11 is not as social as iOS 10

iOS 11

Background In the past, iOS contained built in social media sharing features which included Twitter and Facebook. These features made it easy for apps to connect to social platforms in order to share content with features built right in to iOS. In iOS 11, the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system, these features have… Continue Reading #iOS11 is not as social as iOS 10

#iACast 27 – Backdoor

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Hello, and welcome to another delayed edition of our podcast! We are hopeful that our schedule will be a little more regular soon, so we hope you all are sticking with us. In this episode, which was recorded on November 16, 2016, we cover the following topics: A Backdoor to ChinaHow would you feel if… Continue Reading #iACast 27 – Backdoor

Quick Tip: Enable Night Mode in the iOS Twitter App

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Twitter for iOS has updated their app with a feature called Night Mode that changes the app’s color scheme to allow for higher contrast text. This feature allows for users to read tweets easier by showing text on a dark background with light colored text. Here is how to enable this feature. Open the Twitter… Continue Reading Quick Tip: Enable Night Mode in the iOS Twitter App