Quick Tip: How to pair Magic Keyboard with iOS Devices

The Magic Keyboard is the newest keyboard from Apple and it offers a new sleek and slim design. The nicest feature of the keyboard is its multiple uses with devices. This keyboard can be a wireless keyboard for iOS and Mac, or a wired Mac or PC keyboard.

To pair the Magic Keyboard with an iOS device follow the below instructions.

  1. Make sure your keyboard is on. The keyboard now has an on/off switch instead of a button to make this easier.
  2. Open the settings app
  3. find the Bluetooth section
  4. Look for Magic Keyboard and select it

You may also like to un-pair your keyboard or disconnect it for use with other devices. Here is how you do this.

  1. Open the settings app
  2. Find Bluetooth
  3. Find your Magic Keyboard in the list
  4. Find the More info or details button to the right of your keyboard and select it.
  5. Find the disconnect for forget device option to un-pair your keyboard.

There will be more Magic Keyboard tips added here soon so keep checking back.

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