#iACast UnboxCast 32 – Lenovo Flex

Lenovo Flex

Show Description On this episode, Aleeha, Michael, and Jeff Molzow unbox the Lenovo Flex, a 2-in-1 laptop. Aleeha also removes the SSD from Jeff’s previous laptop, and installs it onto the Flex. Providing Feedback We love hearing from you, so feel free to send an email to feedback@iaccessibility.net. You can follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. You… Continue Reading #iACast UnboxCast 32 – Lenovo Flex

What’s a Computer? iPad Software

iPad Pro 2020 Front and Back showing screen and cameras

Last year, we started a series of articles discussing if the iPad Pro could replace a more traditional PC solution, and this article continues that series. This time we will be looking at the iPad’s software, comparing the functionality of its suite of applications to the expected norms of those found on a PC. Productivity… Continue Reading What’s a Computer? iPad Software

What is a Computer? iPad Pro Hardware

Logitech Slim Combo Case for iPad Pro

During its latest iPad Pro ad, Apple asked the question, “What is a computer?” This is the second article written by iAccessibility that aims to answer this question. Our goal is to understand if the iPad Pro can replace the modern PC, and what kinds of accessories or apps one would need to accomplish this.… Continue Reading What is a Computer? iPad Pro Hardware

What’s a Computer? An Introduction

iPad Pro 10.5 with smart keyboard

Apple made a bold statement in an ad recently, during which a young girl asks her family: “What is a computer?” This question is really Apple making a statement about the iPad Pro, saying that it can be a computer replacement, and that the modern PC or computer form factor is irrelevant. After talking amongst… Continue Reading What’s a Computer? An Introduction

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