What’s New in VoiceOver in iOS 11

iOS 11

On Tuesday, September 19th, Apple released iOS 11, bringing with it some new VoiceOver features and improvements. Apps You can now drag and drop apps using VoiceOver To do this, do the following: While on the home screen, double tap and hold to enter edit mode. Find an app you wish to move. Set the… Continue Reading What’s New in VoiceOver in iOS 11

#iACast Special: New Features in iOS 11

iOS 11

In this episode, Matt, Jason, Shawn, and Aleeha talk about the bugs new features of iOS 11 in this iACast special podcast. Features include New Siri Voices Verbosity settings in VoiceOver Changes to Control Center Braille Support

Known iOS 11 Bugs

iOS 11

Each year, Apple releases a new version of iOS with new features which change the operating system in ways that can cause bugs for users. While we all wish this did not happen it is inevitable, and it is good to know what works and what does not work, so in this article, you will… Continue Reading Known iOS 11 Bugs

#iACast 45 – Test it up to 11!

iOS 11

On this episode of the iA Cast Aleeha, Jason, and Michael discuss the iOS 11 beta and share their thoughts on the first build. iOS 11 beta 2 for developers has been released since this recording bringing a lot of fixes while also introducing a few new bugs. The public beta for iOS 11 has… Continue Reading #iACast 45 – Test it up to 11!

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