#iACast 25 – Fruit or Flop?

Apple invite for its Hello Again event.

We apologize for the delay in uploading the podcast, but we hope you will enjoy hearing our coverage of the recent Microsoft and Apple Events. The Microsoft Event took place on Wednesday, October 26, and the Apple Event took place on Thursday, October 27. For information about what was released at Microsoft’s Windows 10 Event,… Continue Reading #iACast 25 – Fruit or Flop?

Zooming in on the Touch Bar

image of MacBook Pro 2016 from iMore.com

We’ve already talked about how VoiceOver works with the Touch Bar on the new MacBooks, but what about low vision users? How could Apple possibly make items on such a tiny screen usable by the visually impaired? It’s called Touch Bar Zoom, and we’re going to tell you all about it. What’s Touch Bar Zoom?… Continue Reading Zooming in on the Touch Bar