#iACast 140 – Staying Productive In The New Year

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Show Description On this episode, Michael, Aleeha, Leslie, and Jason discuss apps that help them stay fit, productive, and safe online, as we enter the new decade. To that end, if you’re interested to see if any accounts have been hacked, you can visit Have I been pwned. Just enter your email address, and hit… Continue Reading #iACast 140 – Staying Productive In The New Year

New Features in macOS 10.14 Mojave

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MacOS 10.14 Mojave has been in the wild for quite some time, but we felt that it still bears discussion, as it comes with a few changes that will change how we view the Mac ecosystem. Features There are several features in macOS Mojave; however, only a few of these will be discussed. In this article,… Continue Reading New Features in macOS 10.14 Mojave

Twitterrific Keystrokes for iOS and Mac

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Iconfactory has created one of the best applications for using Twitter for iOS and macOS, and they have also created an amazing set of keystrokes for users who like to navigate applications with the keyboard. Below is a link to Iconfactory’s list of keystrokes that you can use to navigate the Twitterrific application. Twitterrific Keystrokes… Continue Reading Twitterrific Keystrokes for iOS and Mac

What’s New in VoiceOver for macOS High Sierra

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On September 25, 2017, Apple released macOS High Sierra to the public. Here are some new enhancements to VoiceOver. Enhanced Multilingual Support If VoiceOver detects that a language has been associated with text that it’s reading, it Will automatically switch to another voice and will read the text in that language. You can set the… Continue Reading What’s New in VoiceOver for macOS High Sierra

Bring Your Adventures to the Mac

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Everyone likes games, and when gaming is accessible they are even better. MUDs have been an accessible way for people to play games online with friends for a long time, but there has been a lack of accessible MUD clients for the Mac. This week, iAccessibility is proud to announce that there is now a… Continue Reading Bring Your Adventures to the Mac

#iACast 44 #WWDC17 After Party

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On this episode of the iA Cast Aleeha, Michael, Jason, Aaron and T. J. discuss the latest news from Apple’s yearly WWDC conference. Here is what was covered in the episode. Apple Announces Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV AirPods will automatically pair with Apple TV tvOS 11 announced. Beta for developers live. WatchOS 4… Continue Reading #iACast 44 #WWDC17 After Party

What the iA staff would like to see from #WWDC17

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Each year, Apple announces their latest software at their Worldwide Developer Conference, and WWDC 2017 starts today. the management staff here at iAccessibility has written down what they would like to see, and is written below. Matt’s wishlist Monday, June 5 is Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) where we will most likely see some… Continue Reading What the iA staff would like to see from #WWDC17

#iACast 33 – DemoCast 1: Software Updates on macOS Sierra

Mac OS App Store Software Updates

Welcome to the very first iA DemoCast! In this episode, Matt Dierckens will walk you through updating software on macOS Sierra, using Apple’s built-in screen reader, VoiceOver. We hope you find this demonstration useful; if you have topics you would like to see covered on the DemoCast, please let us know! As always, thank you… Continue Reading #iACast 33 – DemoCast 1: Software Updates on macOS Sierra

Product Review: Apple AirPods

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When preorders went live for Apple’s iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, I acted fast! I knew I wouldn’t miss the headphone jack, because removing it would pave the way for more advancements in technology. With this in mind, it is no surprise that I was also among the first to order Apple’s new AirPods! I… Continue Reading Product Review: Apple AirPods

Accessible Gaming: Mac Vs Windows

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Gaming has been a huge portion of technology since the 1980s, and there has really not been a focus on if low vision gamers could play video games or read text. Now, with built in magnification between operating systems low vision users can finally customize their systems so that text can be read and games… Continue Reading Accessible Gaming: Mac Vs Windows