#iACast UnboxCast 34 – Xbox One X

an xbox one x console and controller

Show Description   On this episode of the iAUnboxCast, Aleeha and Michael unbox and set up the Xbox One X   Providing Feedback We love hearing from you, so feel free to send an email to feedback@iaccessibility.net. You can follow us on Facebook, and Twitter. You can also find us on Reddit, and all around the web. Also,… Continue Reading #iACast UnboxCast 34 – Xbox One X

iA UnboxCast 13: BrailleNote Touch

BrailleNote Touch with Google on the screen.

On this episode of the iA UnboxCast, Aleeha Dudley unboxes and sets up the BrailleNote Touch with Michael Doise and Jade Sharp.

#iACast 30 – UnboxCast 5: Logitech Z623

Logitech Z623 speekers

In this UnboxCast, you’ll accompany Michael as he unboxes his new speakers, the Logitech Z623. Ashley, Jessica, and Daniel are also present, and are able to give some additional insight into why someone may still want these speakers, even though there are much newer products on the market. This podcast was recorded on January 4,… Continue Reading #iACast 30 – UnboxCast 5: Logitech Z623

#iACast 29 – UnboxCast 4: AirPods

Apple AirPods in charging case

Join Michael, Jessica, Rich, and Daniel as they discuss Apple’s AirPods, and hear Daniel and Michael unbox theirs live on the podcast! Get the scoop on what it’s like to setup and use these new wireless headphones. Are their any issues? Are the AirPods worth the hype? You’ll find out in this episode, which was… Continue Reading #iACast 29 – UnboxCast 4: AirPods

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