#iACast 66: Holiday Entertainment

Image of a gift wrapped with red bow.

The holidays are finally here, and Michael, Aleeha, Jason and Meaghan discuss methods they use at their homes or at their family’s homes to entertain guests and how they enjoy the holidays using technology. During the episode, we discuss what everyone uses for audio based entertainment through television based entertainment mediums. Here are a few… Continue Reading #iACast 66: Holiday Entertainment

#iACast 52 – Music Streaming Services

Apple Music icon with music note with many colors

On this episode of the iA Cast, Michael, Jason, Aleeha, Dan, Matt and Anne discuss the different music streaming services and which ones everyone uses and why. Here is the list of services. Music – Apple spotify.com – Try Spotify Premium – All the music you’ll ever need‎ Deezer – Try Flow. Download and listen… Continue Reading #iACast 52 – Music Streaming Services

#iACast 46 – Lets Go Face The Music

Garageband icon showing guitar.

On this episode of the iA Cast, Aleeha talks with Jason Earls, T. J. Meloy, Matt Dierckens, and Aaron Linson about their backgrounds in music and what software they use to create and produce music. Mentioned Music Software Talking Tuner on the App Store – iTunes – Apple TempoPerfect on the App Store – iTunes… Continue Reading #iACast 46 – Lets Go Face The Music

Hooke Audio – 3D Binaural Microphone for iOS

Hooke Audio Logo

In the past, 3D audio recording has been something that many have not had access to. It seems that we are now seeing many different products on the market that can do 3D audio, and Hooke Audio is one company that provides such a solution. Thanks to the great folks at Hooke, the iAccessibility Management… Continue Reading Hooke Audio – 3D Binaural Microphone for iOS

#iACast 30 – UnboxCast 5: Logitech Z623

Logitech Z623 speekers

In this UnboxCast, you’ll accompany Michael as he unboxes his new speakers, the Logitech Z623. Ashley, Jessica, and Daniel are also present, and are able to give some additional insight into why someone may still want these speakers, even though there are much newer products on the market. This podcast was recorded on January 4,… Continue Reading #iACast 30 – UnboxCast 5: Logitech Z623