Changes to Apple’s 2014 NDA: What this means for this site.

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WWDC 2014 logo. WWDC 2014 logo. […]

A summary of WWDC 2014

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The Squarespace Blog App and VoiceOver

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Since […]

VisualBraille Updates and Notes

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in an effort to […]

Google+ for iOS

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Google’s social network Google+ is a […]

Bard Mobile for iOS

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There are thousands of choices on […]

Changes and New Beginnings.

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Hello everyone, I apologize for […]

Fleksy – Does Fleksy change the way the blind uses the iPhone?

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So now that Fleksy has been […]

Fleksy – A new way of using a keyboard on mobile devices!

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Yesterday, I was able to […]

Diet Coda

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I have always felt that […]


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One limitation of any application that uses custom fonts is […]

Brookstone iConvert Scanner for iPad 2 and the new iPad

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With the iPad 2 and the New iPad, many hardware […]

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