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#iACast DemoCast 17 – Apple News+

On this episode of the iA DemoCast, Aleeha and Jason set up Apple News+ and try to read a magazine on iOS and macOS. You can learn more about Apple News+ by checking out the Apple News website.

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iA DemoCast 16: Apple Shortcuts for iOS

Well, it has been a while since we have had a full DemoCast, but this one is pretty important.

Apple has released their newest version of iOS, which has a new form of automation built in called Siri Shortcuts. They have also released an app called Shortcuts that replaces the app called Workflow.

Shortcuts lets users chain together actions to complete a task, and the best part is that you can add these shortcuts to Siri.

Download the Shortcuts app from the App Store

During the show, we go through the Library and gallery tabs of the app, we download a shortcut from the gallery and even make our own basic shortcut with VoiceOver on.

iAccessibility has also created a shortcut and a category called Beyond the Gallery for shortcuts that are useful that aren’t in the gallery. Here is a link to the shortcut.

About Beyond The Gallery

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iA DemoCast 13: iAccessibility for iOS

On this episode of he iA DemoCast, Jason Earls demonstrates the iAccessibility app for iOS by going through each element of the app.

iAccessibility on the App Store

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#iACast DemoCast 10 – Orbit Reader 20

On this episode of the iA DemoCast, Rich Cavallaro looks at the new Orbit Reader 20 from APH and the Orbit Research group. Rich demonstrates the device, and goes through the menu structure and you can also hear how the device sounds while in use.

APH — Orbit Reader 20

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#iACast DemoCast 9 – Seeing AI: Talking Camera for the Blind.

On this episode of the iA DemoCast, Matt Dierckens demonstrates the new and amazing Seeing AI app from Microsoft. This demos shows how to set up the app and start using it with all of the channels that the app provides.

App Features

  • Short text OCR that updates as you move the camera
  • Document OCR. This channel is much like KNFBReader and Prizmo
  • Product scan which lets you scan a bar code to identify a product.
  • Facial Recognition lets you detect who is in the room and how many faces are in the camera’s viewfinder. It will also attempt to tell you the person’s facial expressions.
  • Scene Beta lets you detect what is in a room or environment. This section is still in beta, so it will continue to improve.


Seeing AI | Talking camera app for those with a visual impairment

Seeing AI: Talking Camera for the Blind on the App Store